Haley + Corey Date Session | Downtown Reno, NV

So I have really been loving these date sessions that I am now offering, so I was stoked when my best friend expressed interest. Her and her boyfriend are super cute and never had any professional photos taken of them, so I felt honored to be the first! So here is our date session-- and yesss, we went on a full-on double date in Downtown Reno and I had to edit my own husband out of many photos. 

Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-27.jpg

We met Haley and Corey at their house and we got to take a ride in Corey's Subaru (catch him on Lyft on Saturday nights in Reno (he has 5 stars)). We just parked in the middle of downtown and started our date session just walking around.

Haley + Corey | Couples Date Session | Downtown Reno, NV.jpg

We then made it to Holey Schmidt Donuts because dessert before dinner is always the best option. It was deliciousss. These donuts are absolutely the most photogenic donuts in Reno and their store is huge (aka we didn't get in anyone's way taking photos). If you haven't been there yet, GO!

Haley + Corey | Couples Date Session | Downtown Reno, NV.jpg

Although the air in Reno has been incredibly smokey, we were risky and decided to eat outside for a bit and then go for a bike ride. Why did we choose to do this when the air quality was awful? I am unsure. But the pictures were super cute and the temperature was too nice to not explore.

Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-28.jpg
Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-35.jpg
Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-37.jpg

So the not-so-new thing in Reno is Limebike. It really is a super cool concept-- you download the app and it shows you where bikes are. Once you get to the bike, you put its serial number in your app and you just pay per minute of riding! I have been dying to shoot with a couple riding bikes and it finally happened-- thanks to Limebike!! 

Also. I wasn't on the bike while I took photos (smart), but then when I did get on a bike to ride to dinner, I almost hit a tree (not smart). As in I drove down a grass hill barely dodging the tree. Don't worry, I give a reason to laugh at me at all of my date sessions!

Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV

Haley and Corey are the most adorable and they're actually really good at riding bikes. They didn't fall even though I kept making them hold hands and ride super super slow; I was thoroughly impressed. 

Our next stop was dinner! Haley and I are huge fans of happy hour at Wild River Grille and we were craving some bruschetta (they have the best ever) and caesar salad, so we joined them for a lovely dinner on their outdoor patio (again, not smart because of the air quality thing). But after we sat down, we realized they had live music that night and our smiles went ear to ear. Talk about a perfect Sunday night and the best surprise for our date session/double date!

Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-76.jpg
Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-69.jpg
Haley + Corey | Date Session | Reno, NV-64.jpg

And with full stomachs and large smiles, we concluded our date session. Haley + Corey, we love you guys and can't wait for the next one.