Madison + Craig Engagements | Mt. Charleston, NV | Las Vegas Photographer

Okayyyy. So these babes started out as my engagement + wedding clients and during their engagement session, we QUICKLY became friends. Madison + Craig are around the same age as my husband and I, they’ve been together a similar amount of time as us, and we all oddly have a whole lot of the same interests and likes. Plus, they’re just super nice human beings. AND they’re freaking adorable together— they laughed and smiled the whole time, making my job incredibly easy.

Madison + Craig | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas, NV-12.jpg

For their engagement session, we wanted desert vibes, so went out to the base of Mt. Charleston because who doesn’t love when the desert mixes with the mountains?? + the perfect sunset light made for beautifully creamy photos!

They got all cuddly and sweet, it was the most adorable thing. I really love getting to third wheel for all the cuteness.

And Madison’s ring is to die for!!

It was also the funniest thing, I started talking to Craig about my husband and I found out so quickly that they were pretty much long lost brothers. Their love for anime is intense. And still, they have yet to meet each other.

But since this lovely day, I have gotten to hang out with Madison again and it was so much fun. Seriously looking forward to more hangouts AND THEIR FREAKING WEDDING!! You best be looking out for that blog post— most likely coming December 2019. (there might be some llamas and goats featured) ;))

Madison + Craig | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas, NV-5.jpg

One last thing. Can we just appreciate how good her hair and makeup look?!

Madison + Craig | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas, NV-10.jpg