Haylee Senior Photos | Reno, NV | Las Vegas Photographer

I went back to Reno at the beginning of April to shoot with all of the cuties graduating from UNR— these sessions were pretty much where I started on this photography journey, so even now that I live in Las Vegas, I still make time to head back to hang out with the raddest seniors! Haylee was no exception.

Haylee Hoelzel | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Reno, NV-48.jpg

So her session was at sunset on a day that I had FIVE photoshoots. I was slammed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off from the moment I woke up until the sun went down. I honestly got nervous that by the end of the day I would have no creativity and just be burnt out.

And then I met up with Haylee. Pretty much every ounce of tiredness I had, went away. I am not sure if it was her freaking gorgeous eyes or that red dress or her adorable personality, but I felt more inspired than I had felt all day.

We started this session off on the Quad at UNR (which I wish was actually green and not dead), but Haylee gave it all the life with her mad good looks. ;) ALSO, this girl got accepted to grad school for audiology, so she’s got the beauty and the brains!

Then we went out to my favorite fields to shoot in in all of Reno! It takes a little bit of off-roading/hiking, but its so worth it and it gives me slight Palm Springs vibes that you don’t have to drive 9 hours for.

This was when I just felt wildly inspired. I told Haylee to do the weirdest things she could, “Throw your arms around, walk in circles, and most of all, make sure you’re feeling yourself.” And boyyyyyy did my dreams come true— she was feeling herself and it was the most perfect thing ever. I was able to tell HER story. HER confidence. HER passions.

It honestly makes me want to cry thinking about how much SHE inspired ME.

The more the light went down, the better the session got. The sunset got pink, the light made her absolutely golden and glowing. I really couldn’t have asked for a better last night in Reno + I got to share it with the raddest human.

Haylee Hoelzel | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Reno, NV 123456.jpg

Also, if it’s ever supposed to be windy for your shoot— don’t cancel it. Embraceeeee it. Trust.

This was hands down one of my most favorite senior sessions ever. It all just went together perfectly + Haylee was the sweetest human and she was down for all of the weird arm flailing that I requested of her. If you’re seeing this girl, YOU DA BEST.



Haylee Hoelzel | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Reno, NV.jpg