Brenna + Taylor | Calico Ghost Town Engagement Session | Las Vegas Photographer

Okurrrrrrrrrr. So I took these photos two days ago and they are already edited and I am already blogging because I just couldn’t stop editing and I can’t stop looking at these photos. Taylor and Brenna live in Ventura, CA, but they really wanted a desert boho vibe for their engagement photos, so we met half way between Ventura and Las Vegas, just outside of Calico Ghost Town. It ended up being the most perfect place for photos and the sky looked freaking insane. We had the BEST evening.

Brenna + Taylor | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas Photographer-11.jpg

This session had a little deeper meaning to me, as I have been dyingggg to do a photo session with a same sex couple. And the fact that we were able to shoot on the second day of Pride, I am telling you, this shoot will forever hold such a special place in my heart. I am going to get this out now and if you choose to stop reading this post, that’s completely your choice. But, here it is.

LOVE IS LOVE. Love will always be Love. Doesn’t matter for who, for what, Love is Love. I will live by that phrase ‘til the day I die.

And I promise, I have never had a couple in front of my camera that showed such apparent love as these two women. I would tell them, “okay so just put— wait! That’s perfect, don’t move!” because before I could even help guide them into a pose, their love and comfort they find in each other just happened and they made freaking magic in front of my camera.

Brenna + Taylor made my job so easy. And this engagement session refreshed my heart.

These babes started their session off with some Fireball. They thought they were going to be awkward, so they just downed a bit and we got at it. (Also bless their hearts for liking fireball, ya girl just cannot stomach it.)

And then they were ready for some post Fireball spinning-in-circles action.

Ashlyn Savannah Photo_0002.jpg

This next part was pretty risky. We were in the middle of the street that heads up to the Calico Ghost Town and the road was a small hill. Super awesome for photos, but pretty risky considering we couldn’t see what was on the other side of the hill. So we just had to listen super closely for any cars that might come (it, thankfully, was a pretty empty road while we were there!)

And if you thought that was risky, we got even riskier.

Ashlyn Savannah Photo_0004.jpg

Then, while they were sitting in the middle of the road in a difficult position to get out of, Brenna had this feeling that a car was going to be coming. Also, the wind had picked up just a bit, so it was hard to tell the difference between the sound of a car and the sound of wind….. SOOOO, Taylor picked Brenna up and ran off the side of the road. Coincidentally, a truck drove by less than 20 seconds later. So we’re all just going to thank Brenna for us being alive to tell the story. (And if you want to see this “pick up and run” in action, click here and swipe left!)

And time for an outfit change. We got real boho over on this rock formation thing and I was very stoked about it. It also got wildly windy even though we only moved about 100 feet away from the first location. You can definitely tell because we started having all sorts of hair movement and sand flying in faces.

Also— Brenna’s ring is so freaking pretty.

The rock/sand stuff got on all of our clothes, especially when I had them lay down. They were troopers. Even though I accidentally kicked sand in their faces probably 3 times in 5 minutes.

Ashlyn Savannah Photo_0005.jpg

Then the sun started popping out for the most gorgeous golden hour.

Then they climbed onto the rocks for this sitting down series that I am super obsessed with. The way their hair blows in the wind and the way the light touches their skin. Aghhh it was just to die for.

Ashlyn Savannah Photo_0006.jpg

And one of my favorite photos from the night.

Brenna + Taylor | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas Photographer-153.jpg

Just going through these photos again, I can’t help but FEEL all of the love that was going on in front of the camera.

And here are the last of the photos of these cuties. I seriously can’t wait for their wedding later this year. It is going to be nothing short of perfect.

Until next time.