Glam Parlor | Las Vegas Branding Session | Las Vegas Photographer

When I first saw that Glam Parlor was open, I knew I wanted to work with them. Not only are their services amazing, their owner, Natalia, is the sweetest human and the most amazing Boss Babe. When Natalia decided she wanted to have her own photos done for the salon instead of using all stock photos, I jumped on the opportunity. We found the most gorgeous models and worked on a plan to show off their lash extensions + their freaking adorable salon.

Glam Parlor | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas, NV-15.jpg

We had two main goals for this shoot— 1) To get “process” photos of the lash application, meaning a before photo, a photo with one eye finished, and then a photo with both eyes finished, and 2) To get some photos for Glam Parlor’s website.

Seeing the process of lashes being applied was so cool, the lash artists are so talented! We had two models, one got a volume set and the other got a mega volume set.

Volume Set in Stages

Mega Volume Set in Stages

Branding Photos for Glam Parlor’s Website

While the lashes were being done, I took some photos of the lash artists working and then we did a few more after photos.

And after both of the sets were finished, we were able to take photos to use for Glam Parlor’s website banner and a few other fun projects (one being a new design on the outside of their salon— I am stoked about this!)

And here are the photos used on their website!

And then one more of the cutie, Natalia. Obsessed with her theme of cotton candy— she is always making it fresh in the salon for clients to have. If you are looking to get lash extensions, microblading, waxing, tanning, and so much more, make sure to check out Glam Parlor in Las Vegas!

Glam Parlor | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Las Vegas, NV-20.jpg

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