Herman + Donna | Las Vegas Couples Session | Las Vegas Photographer

Herman + Donna are the parents of one of our family friends and we wanted to make sure to get photos of their beautiful love story; they have been together 43 years and their energy just projects. During this session, I had them tell me all of their love stories and little things they love about each other. Photographing these two was such a priceless experience and they were sure to give me all the wisdom.

Herman + Donna | Ashlyn Savannah Photo-36.jpg

When I got to Herman + Donna’s house, they were so inviting and they had the cutest set up. Two recliners, just like my husband and I (even though we are 22 and 24 years old….) hahaha

They also had the cutest little sun room and a swing outside. These two love their home and it was kept so nicely. I can only imagine the amount of memories made within those walls.

We went and sat on their back porch and the stories started. They have 43 years of memories together and I know we barely scratched the surface.

And my favorite part of the day, the two were sitting and Donna says, “Well this is how we normally sit!” and she throws her leg over Herman. I am just over here hoping my husband and I ditch these recliners soon and channel our “1 year married” cuddling. But ya know. Recliners are comfy.

Ashlyn Savannah Photo_0001.jpg

And one of my favorite little sets of photos…

We then went to this little park next to their house and walked around a bit, found some shade spots, and I just got to stand back and watch these two love on each other. I barely even had to direct them because they were all over each other.

Ashlyn Savannah Photo_0002.jpg

Such a lovely couple, and such a lovely time spent with them.

I am so grateful for this job and the people it allows me to photographer.