The Morgan Family | Las Vegas Family Photographer | Mt. Charleston, NV

I had been craving a family session at Mt. Charleston because there is this one area that gets the most gorgeous light and it honestly looks like a fairy tale forest in photos. So I asked the most beautiful family if they would come hang out and be models, and lucky for me, they agreed!

I met Ashley years ago when I was in high school and we went to the same church. Yes, she has always been this gorgeous. It has been so fun watching her grow her family over the years— thanks Facebook!

I thought it would be best if we went to the mountains and let the boys play around. Oh yeah and the boys have the cutest names ever— Bear and Soren. Soren is still so little, so he got a free ride around the forest for the shoot. hehe

And his smile lasted ALL night.

From a certain angle, I noticed that the light was hitting the grass in the most gorgeous way, so Ashley took Soren and went to sit in the grass. It was one of my favorite moments from the session and the light in these photos makes me want to happy dance. :’)

Also, for all of my Las Vegas families who are wanting to shoot, but not wanting to spend time in the crazy heat, Mt. Charleston is your place. The weather was SO much nicer than anywhere else in Las Vegas and the photos just get better and better as the sun goes down.

These were absolutely some of my all time favorite family photos and it was such a fun and relaxing evening— I don’t even know how I can call this work!

We had to finish our session off with some couples photos once the kids were in their car seats (and don’t worry, we were extra fast and right by the car.)

I think I need Ashley and Blake to be my models forever!

That’s all for this family session, but I’ll be back to Mt. Charleston for more fun soon, I’m sure!

Besides, maybe I’ll just have to plan some fall mini sessions here for when the season changes. ;)