Ellen + Will | Reno Elopement Photographer | Pyramid Lake, NV

Ellen + Will — my sweet New York lovers that wanted a Reno Elopement. This entire day was seriously amazing, from the most gracious and inspiring bride, and capturing the sweetest moments, it was all perfect. I LOVE sunsets at Pyramid Lake and this elopement sunset, was no different. I can’t wait for you guys to check out this amazing day.

Ellen and Will currently live in Brooklyn, but Will grew up in Reno, so they decided this would be a great place to elope. I cannot remember Ellen’s exact job, but in short, she combines her love for plants and landscapes with design and she’s really freaking good at it. Will is really good at math. Also not sure exactly what he does, but he’s mega smart. They are such an adorable couple, so unique and quirky, and pretty much just amazing humans.

Here is their first look in the Renaissance Hotel, Reno.

Ellen + Will | Reno Elopement Photographer | Pyramid Lake, NV_0001.jpg

The next plan for the day was to head to Chapel Tavern, a bar in Midtown in Reno. They needed to get rid of some of those pre-wedding jitters with a cocktail + shawarma. Everyone sat around the patio, chatting about life and friendship, and sipping on delicious cocktails and eating yummy food.

After Chapel, we set out for the nature part of our adventure. The drive to Moon Rocks was one of my favorite part of the trip simply because of Ellen’s immense joy for the desert scenery. Being from New York, she is not used to seeing all of the desert hills, sagebrush, and dirt in general. Basically all of things that us west coasters are pretty used to and find kind of ugly actually, but she was IN LOVE. Like I’m talking ear to ear smile the entire way there, the entire time there + at Pyramid Lake, and the entire drive back home. It made my night. She had SO much appreciation for the nature that was around us that it made me appreciate it more. UGH I LOVE THE DESERT.

They were joined on their elopement day by both sets of their parents, Ellen’s brother and sister-in-law, and Will’s brother. It was quaint, so meaningful and everything they wanted.

Ellen + Will | Ashlyn Savannah Photo | Pyramid Lake Elopement-91.jpg

The next stop was Pyramid Lake, NV. Not even lying, our plan was to drive until we found a spot we liked, park, get out, and get freaking married. Those kinds of plans are always my favorite and I love to help figure it all out. I had been chatting with Ellen and Will for about 6 months back and forth about fun places to shoot, fun places to get drinks, and other spots that would be unique for them to incorporate on their day. + we planned for a bridal session the next day so we could explore more of Reno (I will share those photos soon!)

By the time we got to Pyramid Lake, the sun was in the most perfect position and they did the damn thingggg. Tears flowed from the left, right, center, and of course, from behind the camera. Didn’t matter that I met them that afternoon. I cried. Hard.

And then it was time to soak up the last little bit of light + celebrate these two beautiful humans.

The moon even came out for a peak of these love birds. ;)

That last photo speaks for itself, but Cheers to Ellen + Will and their future together. And thank you for inviting me to be a part of your big day, it was truly an honor.

See y’all in New York. ;)