Real Garland Hoops for My Niece's 1st Birthday Party | Las Vegas, NV | Style with Ash

Birthdays are my favorite holidays (yes they are holidays) and my niece’s 1st birthday party was no exception! When Brylie’s mom asked me to help with decor, and more specifically, these floral hoops, I was so excited and got to learning right away.

Style with Ash | DIY Garland Hoops

These real garland hoops are so easy to make and they were pretty inexpensive as well.

Materials Needed for Real Garland Hoops

You don’t need too much, but here it all is:

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  • Metal Hoops (any sizes you want) — I found mine at Hobby Lobby, see here.

  • Eucalyptus or any other greenery you want in the garland — I always go to Trader Joe’s

  • Flowers, I love roses and garden roses (also found at Trader Joe’s!)

  • Floral Wire — from Hobby Lobby, see here.

  • Sturdy Scissors

  • Fishing Line

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How to Put Garland Hoops Together

The main part of the hoops is going to be the garland. It is super easy to make, and I actually have a full blog post about making the garland— see it here!

Long story short, you are going to cut pieces of your greenery and wire them together to make a full strip of garland.

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To add the flowers, cut stems on the flowers so there is about 2.5 inches left. Stick the flowers into any holes along the garland and take a small piece of wire (about 1/4 of the full wire piece) to wrap around both the stem and the full garland.

Style with Ash | DIY Garland Hoops-2.jpg

Last, you will take the garland and put it against the hoop. Depending on the size of the hoop, you will take a small piece of wire (about a third of the total wire) and wrap it around the garland and the hoop. I attached the garland to the hoop in about 4-5 different places.

To hang the hoop, cut a piece of fishing line long enough so the hoop can hang where you want it and tie it around the hoop in about 3 knots. We then taped the fishing line to the wall or it can be wrapped around and tied to a nail.

Style with Ash | DIY Garland Hoops-1.jpg

And there they are! These real garland hoops are a super easy DIY and they are perfect for birthday parties, photo backdrops, or even dry them out and keep them hanging in your house. This winter, I will be adding holiday colors and using them in place of wreaths!



Plus— here are more pictures of the cute little 1 year old. :)