The Best Time to Wear Striped Pants is All the Time | Statement Pants for the Fall | Reno, NV

Statement pants are becoming super "in" right now and just in time for the weather to switch to fall. I love all the colors + patterns and they are so easy to match with all of your basics that you already own. These striped bad boys were from The Biggest Little Fashion Truck (pretty much my favorite shopping in Reno) and I am so grateful the owner, Britton, pointed them out to me! 

Style with Ash | Reno, NV-6.jpg

So this little get up was for a date night with my husband to try a new Ramen spot. He so loyally took these photos for me prior to us sitting down at the restaurant, and, while in a squatting position (because I love low angles for photos), ripped his pants. He can't help it with his Quads of the Gods and he just gets more brownie points with me because if I ripped these pants while taking photos of him, I wouldn't be as easy going as he was! Love you babe ;)

I paired these pants with my favorite black crop top from Free People + jean jacket from Forever 21. My favorite part about the jean jacket + crop top combo is that they are both basics that can be worn with SO many different outfits. I wear the black crop probably more than I should admit, oh well, Free People did goooood on this one. 

I am also a super fan of flat brimmed hats. And I just found a shop that sells so many different kinds. I can't wait to get shopping for more! I am always looking for recommendations, so where are your favorite hats from? 

But the star of this show is most definitely the 'statement' pants. The Biggest Little Fashion Truck has been carrying so many cute patterned pants and I have been going a little crazy, especially because I pretty much only wear pants in the fall and winter seasons. I am preparing in advance. 

And for a look forward for a fun fall combo with statement pants, pair it with that oversized sweater that you've been secretly dying to take out of your closet since March. ;) 

Style with Ash | Reno, NV-1.jpg

Also, the ramen was pretty good if you were curious.