Pool Days are the Best Days! | Summer Swim Style Ideas | Reno, NV

It has been so hot here in Reno and the smoke from the California fires has been insane, but we decided that we weren't going to let that stop us so we went out for a pool day! The Grand Sierra Resort has a pool with a 21+ section complete with an infinity pool and a bar-- AKA the perfect recipe to never leave. And of course, we had to throw in a few summer swim style ideas! 

Grand Sierra Resort | Style with Ash | Reno, NV-29.jpg

First off, buns. 

Putting your hair in buns is probably the easiest + cutest summer swim hair style. Your hair doesn't get wet, it's not in your face, and they just look really adorable. I rocked the space buns, and then I braided Rachael's hair and put it into low buns (I think a tutorial shall come soon!). Don't forget to put sunscreen on that hair part though, the sun doesn't care about how cute your hair looks, it just wants your skin. 

And don't forget sunscreen on your other set of buns too ;) 

My next favorite summer swim style piece is this new hat I just got from Wink Lash Studio + Bath Bar! It is kind of a visor, it goes around like a full hat, but there is a perfect spot in the top for the buns. It is my new favorite sun hat and I love how different it looks (my husband made fun of me, but that's ok).

Also, if you haven't checked out the Bath Bar at Wink, you really should. It is the perfect place to get all of those holiday gifts for the women in your life that love being pampered! This is not sponsored, I just really love going to Wink. hehe 

The rest of my outfit consists of a high waisted bathing suit from Cotton On, my most favorite sunglasses in the world from Prada, and my platform sandals from a random store in Italy from when I studied abroad. 

High waisted bathing suits are 100% my favorite because even if you're not feeling totally confident with your summer bod (you look great no matter what girl), no worries, even when you sit down, there is nothing to worry about! They are most definitely my go-to. 

Grand Sierra Resort | Style with Ash | Reno, NV-14.jpg

Here are some of my favorite high waisted swim suits:
Bandeau Top + High Bottoms from Tigermist

Bandeau Tie Top + Striped Bottoms from Revolve

Grand Sierra Resort | Style with Ash | Reno, NV-28.jpg

So there you have it, our super smokey pool day, brought to you by some boozy strawberry smoothies + all the cute summer swim style tips!