Welcome to Style with Ash!

I finally set the goal for the launch date of Style with Ash back in the beginning of August and now here we are. I got this idea a while back to join the blogging world as I started getting more interest in my personal style + my different styled shoot projects. In both of these categories, my motto is to pretty much go big and be unique... and that is exactly what I try to put out to the world in each of my projects + outfit styles.

Style with Ash | Studio Fourteen

Hi, I'm Ash.

Let's start with introductions for all of those that may not know me! 

Dazey LA | Style with Ash | Truckee, CA

I am Ashlyn Moreno (formerly Lee) and I am a 22 year old stylist and photographer from Reno, NV. I have been taking photos professionally for about 2 years now, but my actual business has been alive since this February 2018. I moved to Reno in 2014 for college, fell in love with the city and its surrounding GORGEOUSNESS, and have yet to leave. I married my high school sweetheart on June 23, 2018, so we are living and loving the newlywed life. Both of our families live in Las Vegas, though, so we are always going back and forth (making it super easy for me to service the LV area as well!) 

We also have a little rescue poodle-mix named Bruno and he is the second love of my life. Him + my husband deserve their own blog post to show off all of their incredible cuteness, so that will be happening soon. ;)

And just a little random knowledge about me-- my favorite color is yellow, I love happy hour A LOT, I always want chips and salsa, I shop way too much, and I wish I could have at least one beautiful dinner party a week. 

Style with Ash | Studio Fourteen

What You Can Expect to See from this Blog

I love creating content. It is my greatest passion and my most favorite activity. It is pretty much just lucky that photography + styling are the two perfect skills to do this successfully. 

I also love to work for businesses. Whether that means I get to style a photoshoot for a new restaurant's menu, or if I get to come up with a gorgeous way to show off a new line for a clothing store, I am there and I am going to be SO excited.

Style with Ash | Studio Fourteen

So the main contents of this blog, to start at least, are going to be the following:

1. Outfit Styling | I love coming up with fun + crazy outfits that might just serve as your next date night or festival inspiration.

2. Event Styling | With this blog, I am also announcing the start of my styling services! If you want me to design your wedding, dinner party, or special event, I am at your service.

3. Styled Photoshoots | These are some of my most favorite parts of my job. I go big with styled shoots and it can almost be expected to see some arrangement of fruit or pretty food. These also let me work with more businesses, which makes my heart sing! 

Backdrop Styled Shoot | Studio Fourteen | Reno, NV

4. Business Features | I am a huge proponent of go local, but I also am a fan of shopping big. Either way, I want to show all the goodness off. You'll see some amazing restaurants, my favorite stores, and places I love to frequent in general + some of my favorite new finds. I also love to travel, so even if I am not in your state showing places off yet, I might be there in the future!

5. DIY Styling Projects | Everyone wants a little bit of style in their lives even when life gets crazy busy, so these projects are going to help you with just that. These will be anything from easy tablescapes for Thanksgiving to the best summer pool party decor. 

Style with Ash | Studio Fourteen

Just So Ya Know: Styling Services through Style with Ash

I am also super excited to announce that I am going to start offering styling services! This information below is brief, but there is more detailed info over on my Styling Page.

Weddings + Events | I have been in the wedding/event world for a hot second now and I must say, it is one of my favorite industries to be in. Photographing weddings and events is amazing don't get me wrong, but now I am going to be offering styling for events also! 

Photoshoots | I like to think that styling photoshoots has become one of my points of expertise, so I am going to expand it. I completely understand that my style of photography might not be for everyone, but I can definitely style to each client's specific needs. So, I will now be offering services for styling photoshoots that will be photographed by your choice of photographer!

Consultations | I know a lot of people out there are wayyyy better at actually creating than I am. And honestly, you could be that person. But coming up with ideas, and actually creating are super different. So for all of those amazing creators out there that just need help getting ideas and a plan together, these consultation meetings will be perfect.

Style with Ash | Studio Fourteen

Let's Do This.

Well, here we go. I am finally doing it. And you can finally follow along. 

The tentative plan for Style with Ash posts is going to be three posts a week (until I get better and more efficient at work-life balance because this stuff is HARD). So check back on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's for all the styling fun! 

I promise, this is going to be good.

Backdrop Styled Shoot | Studio Fourteen | Reno, NV