Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash | Verdi, NV

You all will quickly learn that I love picnics. Or maybe I just love food. But either way, I love going out to a field and having a picnic with the husband. This time, we went for an easy, but still photogenic (of course) option— Sandwiches.

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash
Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

I must also say that I am the Sandwich Queen. I know its a stereotype that wives make sandwiches, but I am a wife and sandwiches are my favorite thing to make and they’re honestly really good SOOOO whatever.

Catch me owning my own sandwich shop one day. ;)

Picnic | Style with Ash | Sept 4, 2018-10.jpg

Just imagine me over here kissing bread for the rest of my life.

What you Need for this Easy Picnic

Okay guys. This is super simple and you can get a variety of different things other than what I mention here. But for today’s easy picnic this is what we got:

(and note, the list looks long because it’s full of sandwich and picnic supplies you may already have at home!)

  • Blanket

  • Cutting Board or Serving Tray

  • Knife for cutting bread

  • Loaf of Sourdough (harder) or French Bread (softer)

  • Lunch meat

  • Salami

  • Cheese of your choice

  • Arugula

  • Whatever sauce your heart desires

  • Drinks (my choice is a nice Sauvignon Blanc)

  • A yummy side— we picked root chips from Trader Joes or make your own!

  • Dessert

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash
Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

Our Picnic Set-Up

Location for picnics is super crucial and that perfect spot is going to be different for every person. We originally planned to go to Eagle Rock on the North Shore of Tahoe and make the little hike to the top to dine over a gorgeous view of the lake .

We were running late and out of sun, so we improvised and went to my favorite field to do photoshoots in in Verdi, NV. It is like 20 minutes from our house and so gorgeous for our little date night.

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash
Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

We brought a thick blanket because as pretty as this field looks, it is not soft or comfortable to sit in without said super thick blanket.

Then, if you like making picnics pretty, start styling your heart out.

My Fav Picnic Styling Pieces

There are a few pieces for styling picnics that I pretty much cannot live without. And they make almost every picnic GORGEOUS with little to no effort.

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

First, a cutting board and/or serving tray. I use them ALL the time because it’s the most important part of a picnic and it adds such a cute touch. I found mine at HomeGoods and they had a huge selection to choose from!

Side note, not sponsored, HomeGoods is the best store ever and I’ll shop there every day til I die.

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

The next piece that I try to always incorporate into picnics is some kind of fruit. I love the pop of color that it gives to the spread and you get a little bit of a sweet treat! It’s not always practical to freshly slice some oranges and grapefruits, so the dried variety is just as good and still super pretty. For this picnic, we went with some dried apricots.

And the last thing I bring to every picnic are my little cheese cutting and food eating utensils. You can find a similar set here!

When your Picnic with the Husband turns Photoshoot

Along with the picnic food goodness, I did incorporate some cute picnic style looks for your date night!

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

These orange pants are my new fav from The Biggest Little Fashion Truck. They fit high waisted for me, so I paired them with this white sweater crop and gold necklace from Wink Lash Studio + Bath Bar.

This look was pretty effortless and SUPER comfortable for sitting criss-cross on a blanket. And I stayed perfectly warm as the sun went down.

Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash
Picnic with the Husband | Style with Ash

And before I go, I have to rave about the necklace from Wink— It can be worn with the pieces hanging down in the front OR the back! And the little bead on the necklace is fully adjustable, so you can have the necklace be a choker or it can be pulled down further to have a more open feel. I’m obsessed and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again!

Picnic | Style with Ash | Sept 4, 2018-52.jpg

Also here is my cute husband. :’)

And one more photo of me that he took because he got all artsy; I’m a proud wife.