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I am super glad you made it here and now let the “get-to-know each other” part of our new friendship commence— I’ll go first !

My name is Ashlyn, and I call the lovely Las Vegas my home. My husband and I are doing life down here with our sweet baby, Sophia, and our pups, Bruno and Eevee. You will often find us at happy hour, watching 3/4 of a tv series and deserting it, or exploring with our sweet baby!

I have been a full time photographer for about 6 years now, but I’ve been clicking away on cameras professionally for over 8 years! Along the way on my photography journey, I freaking Fell. In. Love. with styling. So now, I get to take all of the photos of my perfect clients, but I also get to style for so many amazing businesses. + This makes me extra prepared for helping brands come up with new, creative ideas and for helping my photo clients dress to impress!

Fun Facts about your Local Las Vegas Wedding + Elopement Photographer

I was born in New Orleans, although only living there for about a year— my parents ate all of the cajun food while I was resting inside my momma’s belly, so I am pretty sure all things cajun kind of just run through my blood.

I have this intense love for Cabo San Lucas. Stepping out of the airport, margarita in hand within 2 minutes, life just really doesn’t get better than that.

Rooftop Views. I am always searching for them. Even better if I get to enjoy an espresso martini with them. If you know of any spectacular roof top spots, I want to hear about them! Rooftop wedding reception anyone?!

I somehow powered through my whole life (until the beginning of 2019) without caffeine. Now, I can’t get enough coffee. Thank God, though, because ordering water at coffee meetings was just getting to be too awkward.

So, if you ever want to grab coffee (or, even better, espresso martinis) and talk business, or get creative together, shoot me an email. And making friends as an adult is hard, I have learned. So we can always just be friends too.

I LOVE Las Vegas, it’s no secret. I could chat all day about my favorite restaurants, the best things to do, and where you’ll find the best views in the valley. I have lived here for 18 years (with a few years of college away in Northern Nevada) and I just don’t think I ever want to leave. 

Long story short, I am here to give all of the recommendations for my out-of-town, and in-town babes, so much so that I have created pretty little guides so you have all of the info in one place! And if you have favorites that I HAVE to check out, fill me in!

Vegas is THE Place