You really don’t need a reason to have photos done with your babe, but I can give you at least 10 right now. I’ll save you the read, though, and let’s just go with– it’s because you freaking love each other! 


Newly Engaged? Feeling All the Love and Ready to Capture it in Photos?

Timeless Imagery for ALL Humans

I work my hardest to capture true-to-color, timeless images that you will be able to look back on for years and years and remember just how you were feeling in the moment. 

Let’s Make This Happen.

We’ll Plan Your Dream Photo Session!

You don’t have to have NORMAL engagement or couples photos! Let’s make all your wildest dreams come true. I am so happy to help plan a fun, wild session that captures your love in the most pure way. 

“To say that we are thrilled with the photos that Ashlyn took for us is an understatement.

When my wife and I set out to find a photographer - we really wanted to find someone who could capture “us as we are” or photos where we can feel like our Personalities shine through. 

Ashlyn made us feel at ease, beautiful, handsome, enjoyment, fun, energetic, and so many other positive words. She created a relationship and an environment for us that made us feel completely comfortable be ourselves and she was able to guide us into poses that felt natural and in locations that were memorable.

The photos that Ashlyn captured are nothing short of amazing. She captured the best sides of us and the most fun sides of us. I know that I’m biased but I don’t think I’ve seen better engagement photos than my own.”

-Clark + Cassie Waggoner

Convinced? Ready to Start Planning?

Let's do this!

Couples + Engagement Session Package Options

1 location
1 outfit

Time for:

50 Minute Photo Session
At least 50 Photos
Location + Mini Vendor Guide

Full Session $500

2 nearby locations*
2 outfits

Time for:

90 Minute Photo Session
At least 85 Photos
Location + Mini Vendor Guide

Celebration Session $700

If you are newly Engaged, this is perfect for you! We’ll capture all the love for you to put on display to announce your wedding, put on wedding invitations or your wedding website, to display at your actual wedding, or even for a cute guest sign-in for your big day.

And for all of the reasons in between, Christmas cards, a fun Facebook update, moving somewhere new and want to document your time in Las Vegas… and so much more. You need a reason? I will come up with one for you. ;)

Updating your lil fam’s photos? Let’s do it! Let’s start a new tradition of yearly photos to show how your love grows!

Types of Couples Sessions:

2-3 locations*
3 outfits

Time for:

2.5 Hour Photo Session
At least 175 Photos
Location + Mini Vendor Guide

Viva las Vegas Session $1200

I’m Your Girl.

With over 5 years of wedding photography experience, and 7+ years with event coordination experience, I am here and SO pumped to help you make your dream day come true. 

+ mix that with my absolute love for Las Vegas, and you basically have a personal, built-in guide for the “best-of’s” in making your day exactly what you want it to be!

Ashlyn is honestly the best photographer there is. 

"She not only takes great photos you will cherish forever, but she makes you feel so comfortable during the shoot. My husband and I did a fun studio session with her and she took our vision and brought it to life! We wanted the vibe of those JCPenny family photos but with better quality as just something funny, and she was so on board. She had the best ideas to add and really knew how to capture our personalities. My husband and I are OBSESSED with the outcome of the photos and love that we have them to look back at! They are definitely some of my favorite photos of us (even though it started as a joke!) Even with a studio session, Ashlyn will be ready with all the styling and fun ideas to make your photos original and beautiful. You’ll also just have such a blast getting to hang out with her. She is the SWEETEST. I can’t recommend her enough!”

-Cassidy + Brian Burns

The Booking Process

You’ll receive my engagement + couple photography proposal

A signed contract + paid 30% retainer will make it official

I will send over all of my free resources to help you plan your session

Once you hit that send inquiry button, all of the fun will begin in 48-72 hours! 

Let's do this!

Ready to make 
all your photo dreams come true?

Fill out my inquiry form here and we will get this booking process going quicker than you can say, 

Las Vegas!