Rachael + Haley Senior Sessions | Reno, NV

Two of my very best friends AND bridesmaids, Rachael + Haley, are graduating and I couldn't be more excited!!! They let me do the honors of taking their senior photos and we had such a blast exploring around Reno + Verdi and they look freaking GORGEOUS!

I met Haley and Rachael my freshman year of college and they were some of my better friends, but we didn't really start hanging out a lot until my last semester of college (last August). But now, I hang out with them at least twice a week (we love happy hours), if not more and we're always talking or planning the next hang out. They're seriously awesome people and it feels nice that they consider me cool enough to hang out with them on a daily basis-- So, to Haley and Rachael, thank you. ;)

Haley + Rachael Seniors | Reno, NV
Haley + Rachael Seniors | Reno, NV

For this senior session, we started in Verdi, NV to get all of the pretty nature scenery. I tend to just take my clients and drive around until I find a spot that I like and this was no different. We just cruised through Verdi and the sun came out looking all dreamy and it was basically a fairy wonderland-- AKA my dream come true for lighting.

Here a few shots from our first set of adventures!

Then, we started downtown to get those 'Reno' shots because this super rad city has become our home. Both Rach and Haley are from Northern California, but they are staying in Reno after graduation (yay for me hehe). The Biggest Little City has become their home and it was the perfect backdrop to finish their senior photos + pop some rosé champagne! ;)

So yeah, these babes are so adorable and they have my vote for cutest best friend duo ever!! Love you guys! :)